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Anyone who donates any amount will get a digital copy of the music as soon as it is finished! Since we got the baritone ukulele already with your support - all contributions go right into a recording fund for the new music. 

Check out the special gifts available in return for your donations listed below.

We are eternally grateful for your support and believing in our band. It means a lot to us, and we are looking forward to sharing these new songs with you.

Onward and Upward!

Tory Elena & Cohen


Update: Jan 11th, 2019

Music is pretty much done - needs to go to mastering & then we are sending it out to you - thank you so much!!!

Update: Dec 7th, 2017

We are presently in transition due to the Thomas Fire affecting our homes. Having been evacuated Dec 4th, we are awaiting return to the city of Ventura when the smoke clears and the fire stops. We have been working on a special release of our last record which was pressed to vinyl, which we are going to make available with signed and numbered edition art prints from the band. Hoping to get them dialed in and blasted out soon. Stay Tuned!

atlas vinyl sea at last.jpg

Update: JUNE 17th, 2017

New Record is coming along ( Good things take time ) and we will have some singles up for our Plan B Supporters. 

In the meantime, Atlas was pressed by Feedbands and is available as a limited edition, hand pressed vinyl record for the MONTH OF JUNE ONLY! Get a copy by signing up here:

Update: APRIL 20th, 2017

OK - Big Update coming soon June vinyl release of Atlas details and how the New Record is rolling .... 

Thank You for coming on this ride into uncharted musical territory!


Update: DEC 16th, 2016

GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME! Amigos, after much contemplation and reviewing our extensive arsenal of songs we are excited to announce that we are turning what we thought was going to be an EP into a FULL LENGTH ALBUM! We are aiming for the music to be finished by late spring and all you supporters will receive the digital download as soon as it done! In the meantime, watch your inbox, we may send some rare demos, and special tracks to tide you over until then…


Update: NOV 28th, 2016

Our first track off the new record is out to friends and fans who are supporting Plan B! Presently working on mixing, recording and producing the record ( lots of new songs - so it will take some time ). 


Update: AUG 23rd, 2016

We have our first track hot off the press to send out to our Plan B Supporters - Check your inbox & get ready!!!!!

Update: JULY 10, 2016

Oh baby, we are getting so close. Doing some fine tuning with our engineer extraordinaire Taylor Quinn. We just have mixing, producing and mastering left, then all of you who have contributed to our fundraising campaign will get the music - hot off the press. We truly are grateful for all the fans/friends/family that have got us this far... This music is for YOU! Thank you! We love you! 

Update: JUNE 20, 2016

NEW MUSIC IS ON THE HORIZON!!! Thanks to your donations, we were able to get the ukulele we needed, book studio time, hire a great engineer and get to work recording the new tracks. It feels so good to be back in the studio, our magic zone of sweet sonic sorcery, and finally extract these songs our of our heads and hearts and soon... into yours!

BUT WE'RE NOT QUITE THERE YET, we still need some help raising finishing funds for mixing and mastering the tracks. We got some seasoned pros ready to lend their ears, analog gear and skills for this part of the process. Now we just gotta get them paid! Oh yeah, and Happy Summer Solstice! Go out and howl at that big Strawberry Moon if ya get a chance...


Update: MAY 16, 2016

A mere week after our launching this "Plan B" Campaign we raised enough funds to get the Ukulele we needed! Oh our hearts are soaring dear friends. After our "all or nothing" Pledge Music Campaign closed, we ended up getting the latter. But we were not discouraged and knew we just had to dust ourselves off and approach it again, on a simpler level. Where there's a will there's a way. And now we have this beautiful ukulele in our hands and your glimmering golden nuggets of support! UKEEEEE! Yes! Next stop, studio...


Sidecar Tommy, Julia Walker, Anahata Sound, Sergey Vashchenko, Mike Gillan, Angie Dickson, Patricia Smith, Laura Nasca, Travis Ames, Ian Timourian, Lee Hirsch, Becca Fuchs, Buckman Coe, Rick Rassmussen, Gaye Kozanli, John Predmore, Cordell Alsbury, Golden Gate Feng Shui School


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