Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed our band has been a bit quite on the music front this year with no shows booked or new music out. I’ve been dealing with severe pain and fatigue along with a whole heap of other symptoms that have made it really hard to focus, work and do even the simplest of tasks - let alone lug my drum kit around and play a 3 hr show! I’ve been fighting my body for too long and things finally came to a head toward the beginning of 2019. I’ve been to many doctors throughout the year and we are pretty certain I have Endometriosis, which is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes extreme debilitating pelvic pain among many other issues.

There is currently no known cause or cure for the disease. The best shot I have at treatment and getting back to my active life is through a surgery with a specialist. And great news! I found one of the top Endo Surgeons in the country! If all goes well, my surgery is scheduled for early October. It’s hard to say how long I will need to recover until they know the stage of the disease, however the doctor tells me to plan for at least 8+ weeks.

Due to our band being on hiatus and my limited ability to run my freelance art business, I have been struggling financially to cover my monthly expenses and prepare for the medical bills, medicine, treatments and supplements I will need to cover during my recovery.

I am reaching out to the community who has supported our music for many years to help me in this process. I am very confident that I will get to a place where I can manage the pain/symptoms better and be able to get back to making music and rocking out with you all once again!

It is the love and support of my friends, family and community that truly helps me heal! I thank you with all my heart.

Rock N' Roll N' Love Always, 
Tory Elena


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Whats Next for Sea At Last?

Though we may be taking a break from live shows/touring for 2019, we are still working on the new music. Good things take time and we thank you all for being so patient, especially those who contributed to our "Plan B" Campaign! We hope to release at least some singles by the end of the year...

In the meantime...

We have many dear musician friends with new releases out and we'd like to spread the love:

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Photo by Cohen on a magical afternoon on Venice Beach in 2012

Photo by Cohen on a magical afternoon on Venice Beach in 2012