Plan B: Finishing the Record

So back in May, Tory and I started Plan B:  going direct to fans and asking for what we need to make our next record. (inspired by Amanda Palmers book) 

A couple of amazing things happened. One was that friends and fans flooded in on the first day and within 2 weeks we were able to buy the the handmade Ukulele needed to make the record. Shortly after that, we booked studio time and started tracking with the new ukulele. All because people made it happen -  It has been amazing and very touching to be supported in this way.  

So now - we are at the final stage, mixing, producing and mastering. We have been recording the songs since mid May and a number of them are ready!  To do this, we need a bit more capitol to rock this out. In return, anyone who contributes ANY amount gets a download of the record before it goes live. ( first to fans ) 


Thank you. truly - thank you.

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