Interview with Sea At Last | Pledge Music

From their Aldous Huxley references to their ukelele core, we were entranced by anything and everything Sea at Last had to offer when we first found them. We think you will, too, after hearing more of their music and what they’re planning for their new album. Tory Elena recently told us about the duo’s love for kung fu and much more in our latest PledgeMusic feature.

You guys had me at Huxley. Are you big fans? Avid readers in general?

Yes, we read quite a bit. Cohen is always researching something epic — from the mysteries of Atlantis, to Ramesses, to pretty much any rock ‘n’ roll biography or sci-fi novel, and then sharing his synopsis. I think most recently he finished Steve Job’s biography and Neil Young’s ‘Waging Heavy Peace.’

As far as Huxley goes, yeah we are both fans. The quote is from an essay titled “The Rest is Silence” and I just think it’s a wonderful quote! [“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”] It reminds us that music is born out of silence. All forms of art try to chip away at “expressing the inexpressible,” and they come really close, yet the inexpressible remains just an arms-length away, eternally beckoning us to try and reach for it. Ultimately, it’s a beautiful game we get to play as artists!

How did you both arrive at a love for the ukulele individually? Was it something either of you started playing as a kid?

I was fooling around on a little toy one for a while, and then my mom gave me this really beautiful tenor ukulele on my 14th or 15th birthday. Drums were still my main instrument, but the uke was always there for those in-between moments. In time, this organically led me to my first step in songwriting, so my love for uke is closely tied to the discovery of melody and composing.