Kapow! Get ready!

Hiyyaaa! It brings us great joy to announce that WE ARE WORKING ON OUR NEXT ALBUM! Prepare thyselves dear comrades for soon we shall launch our Pledge Music Campaign. Through this wonderful platform we will offer many special handmade and limited edition goodies to pre-order, access to an inside look at the recording process, AND exclusive pledger-only alternative mixes of the songs!

Stay tuned...

(Pssst. Word has it that there will be more Kung Fu videos as well...)

Hiyyyyyaaa! Cohen "Master of the Magical Staff of RocknRoll", meets Tory Elena "Wielder of the Mighty Sword of Solid Groove". Will they annihilate each other to smithereens? Or team up to create an impenetrable force of musical excellence?

Find out in the next episode...

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