I Shoot Hasselblad

You know - I shoot Hasselblad cameras - old 6x6 centimeter film cameras with removable polaroid backs. There is a majestic feeling when looking through a lens and seeing the world reversed, left to right - right to left.  Mirror World as Cayce Pollard would say. 

Something as simple as leaves hanging from a wooden post in the backyard of a friends home in Santa Barbara can be enchanting. 

The film this is shot on is currently on its last legs, discontinued. FujiFilm FP-3000b. There are 830 packs left at the camera shop and then black and white polaroids for my camera will be gone. I intend to get a lot of those polaroid packs and do a series of nudes at the sea.

Part of the beauty of anything ( including film) is the transient nature of its moment in time.