Stormtrooper Sunday

Greetings Earthlings! We are starting a little thing we like to call STORMTROOPER SUNDAY! Every Sunday we will post epic stormtrooper pictures and make up quotes for them. Send us any radical stormtrooper pictures you come across (with photo/artist credit if possible) to - and we will repost them with quotes. 

 - May the force be with you. -


Photos by Leah Minium
stormtrooper sunday sea at last

"No, Nope... he said left hand BLUE, Max, BLUE! You can't cheat at Twister man, that's just sad."

stormtrooper sea at last starwars

"Oh man, you should have seen it Marge. It was like this huge black hole thing, sucking in all those little stars. You know, I wonder where they all go? Spectacular really. Even kind of beautiful."

"Wow Darth, that's quite something. So, I'll see you friday for lunch? Bring those fruit tarts you know little Henry loves." 

stormtrooper starwars sea at last

"You know Howard, sometimes I just want to spin around, throw my helmet in the air and sing, 'You're gonna make it after alllll!!!"