Sea At Last (duo Cohen and Tory Elena) call Laurel Canyon home, but their gypsy-folk compositions are tethered by no geographic restraints. Painting a lush picture filled with the colors of numerous influences, Sea At Last provides rich material backed by cellos, violins, harmonicas and more. Here Tory speaks about the melding of each of their creative strengths, the process behind their self-titled debut album and where their journey is taking them next. 

KZ: Tell us a bit about each member’s role in Sea At Last. How did you discover each other? How do you compliment each other and build upon each other’s unique abilities when writing songs?
TE: Sea At Last is Cohen and myself, Tory Elena. Cohen plays guitar and piano, and I play drum kit and percussion. We both sing and play ukulele. Our mutual friend in the band Y La Bamba introduced us. We realized the magic of our music after the first day playing together and quickly became ‘artners’ for life. I am a painterillustrator, and designer, and Cohen is a photographer and cinematographer, so our music is highly inspired by the visual arts.

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