We loaded up our camera gear, instruments, some snacks, a thermos of coffee and took off into the mountains to see what inspiration we could find. The sun was hot, the dirt was dry, a light breeze whispering in our hair as our spontaneity and laughter bounced off the canyon walls. Nothing feels better than making art with no pressure. So here is our first DIY music video for the track "Mighty Flood" off our album Atlas. 

Some of you may wonder why now? A song off our album that was released 2 years ago? Well folks, we've never been a band to do things by the books. Maybe we finally got tired of people asking us who plays what in the band… "What? She's the drummer? Wait, you both sing?" Maybe we just wanted to give ourselves the challenge of seeing if we could shoot two music videos in two days…

But really, the main answer is WHY NOT?!?! 
It's never to late to create something beautiful.

Music is timeless.


Tory Elena & Cohen

BUY THE ALBUM: http://www.seaatlast.com/MUSIC

Directed by Sea At Last

Tory Elena : Drums, Vocals
Cohen : Guitar, Vocals