Runes by Juliet E. McKenna

The Sea speaks of life, wisdom and infinite potential.
As the individual can be cleansed by immersion in the sea, thus linking the rune with purification, so the ocean’s great natural force can scour the shore. The rune may warn of some need to sweep away a wider corruption or foreshadow some coming event that might prove overwhelming. The sea is also a symbol of unity, lapping on every shore as it links every island and continent.  - Juliet E. McKenna


As a avid reader of science fiction, and while on a quest to discover different symbols and runes for the sea, I discovered that the writer Juliet McKenna and her husband made a set of runes for Tales of Einarinn. Most symbols I have landed on tend to use circles and curved lines - yet her entire rune set of 27 are based in the concept of triangular prisms. In her words:

Then we designed their graphic representations, not copying anything that we knew of, rather looking for simple shapes which would communicate an essential idea and which would also be easily carved using a chisel on stone or a knife on bone or wood. Hence the lack of curves.

If interested in her work and the rest of the runes - check out her site: