Atlas: The Making Of...

Here is a peak behind the scenes of making our first full length album Atlas. Recorded in the Fall of 2012 at Red Horse Recording Studio just outside of Austin, TX. It's always fascinating as a band to look back at this magical time when the late summer breeze transitioned into Autumn. What an honor to cultivate our inspiration and get a chance to channel it into an honest expression of a beautiful moment. We are majorly thankful to all our incredible friends who leant their musical skills, financial support, and general encouragement for us to follow our dream.

We are very excited to announce as well, that we will be heading back into the studio at the beginning of next year to record new music! Aiming to release an EP mid 2016 with limited edition vinyl and artwork. 

Stay tuned!

(All photos by Martha McCord)

Cohen tracking guitar through the multitude of amps! We did a whole day of feedback swells. It was awesome.

Putting on our serious face for recording hand-claps. (We cracked ourselves up so many times.)

In the master control room with our fabulous engineer Josh Cornell (aka Red Dragon).

Rehearsing cello parts in the airstream with Joseph Santori.

Daniel Budiansky laying down some phat bass. Rock n' Roooooolllll!

We were so lucky to get Portland violin virtuoso Annemarie Hoffman in the studio. Her emotional string swells had everyone in the engineering room in tears! 

Family photo #1!

Family Photo #2!  Our tradition of Salvador Dali eyes.