Happy Thanksgiving! - Home in Your Heart

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

From Sea At Last

"Home in Your Heart"

Saw the dawn in your eyes

dew drops formed a thousand times

before you were born

I knew your blood quite well


Restless spirit in your soul

keeps you strong it keeps you bold

you hardly sleep at all now

but i know you don't need to


Diggin' through your veins too much

panning out your gold dust

I don't know what I came for

but i know, I don't seek your treasure


Sometimes I don't speak too much

with words I know I cannot touch

or even bring justice

to the love in your heart


So I give my heart wings to fly

so it may live in your sky

and breathe in your air

and bathe in your rivers


I won't damn up your streams

kill your hope or take your dreams

I just want to camp out 

in the places you call home....