Stormtrooper Sunday


"Aw, c'mon Sam, do we really have to go like this? It's gonna take us eons to get there, and look everyones passing us in their X-Wing Fighters, and ... oh shit, are they laughing at us? God, this is so embarrassing..."

"Yes, everyone else and their damn X-Wing Fighters! Oh, everyone's got an X-Wing Fighter, and they're so cool and sleekso I must have one to be cool too. But you know what that makes them to me James? You know what?!?! BORING! THAT'S WHAT! Where's your sense of adventure! This right here is old school my friend. How they used to do it. Vintage, analog baby. They just don't make them like this anymore. Now, that's style. Plus, it's a total chick magnet. You'll see, you just wait..."