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Atlas was recorded with zebras... for neighbors at a studio on the outskirts of Austin, TX, next door to an exotic African game reserve. Utterly uncompromising, the record is true rock ‘n’ roll. Featured on the album are a number of guest musicians, including a violinist, cellist, bassist, and harmonica player, who embrace Gypsy music with radiant vengeance. With analogue plate reverb and feedback crying like gulls, the album is an audiophile’s wet dream. Tory even plays a junk kit she built out of bike parts and Texas license plates. Their sound transcends categorization. Their live shows are full sensorial immersions. Sea At Last is music you feel; it is an honest explosion of two bold artists, unafraid to love, and unafraid to lose. An hour with the sea, at last, achieves timelessness. - written by Howlin' Whale