Sea At Last is Fire Mist and Tory Elena, a dynamic duo that explores sound like gypsy sea captains on a caravan to Neptune.

In spring of 2011, guitarist Fire Mist auditioned a drummer for a mythological sea musical. When Tory Elena arrived with a ukulele and took the drum throne, their intrinsic musical kinship made itself immediately known. Sea At Last was born.

While Fire Mist rockets audiences to deep space on guitar, Tory Elena is the ultimate one-woman rhythm section, booming to the earth’s core. Their voices wield equal power singing songs they compose together. Sea At Last’s music can make a hole-in-the-wall cowboy bar feel like a raging stadium, and a festival of thousands feel as intimate as a fireside chantey sung alone under the stars. Wild and expansive, Sea at Last’s cinematic rock and roll offers both solace and storm, soulful and untamable as the sea itself.